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SOPA protest gets intended effect
A Q&A on contested Internet anti-piracy bills
SOPA on life support after web protests, White House and GOP rebellion
In SOPA, PIPA protest, Wikipedia to black out
Online Piracy Bills Rely on Ignorance, Fiction -- Not Facts, Understanding and Reality
Congressman targeted on Reddit won't support SOPA
A better approach to policing the Internet
Talk it to death, Senator
Al Gore slams SOPA in now-deleted YouTube video
SOPA: How much does online piracy really cost the economy?
Online piracy bills are flawed
SOPA Controversy Reveals the Generational Rifts Beneath Our Content Infrastructure
Internet Users, Free Speech Experts, Petition Against SOPA
Ice admits year-long seizure of music blog was a mistake
Constitutional scholars explain why SOPA & Protect IP do not pass First Amendment scrutiny
Breaking News:
Feds falsely censor popular blog for over a year, deny all due process, hide all details…
‘SOPA’: Internet Piracy bills in Congress threaten core values
Five reasons why SOPA is luddite legislation
Kaspersky dumps trade group over SOPA
Curbs aimed at piracy may harm technology sector
Cybersecurity in the Balance:
Weighing the risks of the Protect IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act
Technology: A Bipartisan alternative to the Stop Online Piracy Act
Opponent of Antipiracy Bill backs Counterproposal
Piracy Act no easy sell in House
Don’t break the Internet
Horror Show: Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley
Shapiro: Smith's bill won't stop piracy
Going After the Pirates
Piracy vs. an open Internet
Congress should kill online piracy bill
Remember the "borderless" Internet? It's officially dead
New Government Attempts to Control and Stifle the Internet
Congress’s Piracy Blacklist Plan: A Cure Worse than the Disease?
Future Of Music Coalition Says It Cannot Support E-PARASITE/SOPA In Good Conscience
Stop Online Piracy Act would stop online innovation
Internet Piracy and How to Stop It
Policing the Internet
San Jose Mercury News op-ed against PIPA
San Francisco Chronicle op-ed against PIPA

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